A New Year, Dazzling Possibilities Ahead!

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Usually at the beginning of a year, we start off with New Years resolutions; goals we want to accomplish in the upcoming days.  On one of our daily walks, I turned to Rick and asked him what resolutions he had for 2013.  He shrugged, "I don’t have any."  "Oh," I responded, "what about expectations?"  He shook his head, "What about you?" 

What about me?  I had no resolutions besides some amorphous "I hope I do everything that needs to be done."  Instead, I had a feeling.  Not a feeling of fear, but a nervous one, an anticipatory one, one deep in my gut. 

This next year is going to, hopefully, be full of exciting changes in our life.  When I picture what’s coming up, I imagine myself at the edge of a cliff and spread out below me is Paradise.  The only way to get to Paradise is to jump off the cliff.  If I miscalculate, or a rogue wind comes out of nowhere, or a giant hawk snatches me up, I’m going to die.  Now, I can turn around, away from the edge, and go back to my current existence, safe, perfectly fine.  Or, I can take that chance and jump for Paradise. 

I don’t know what’s going to happen.  I’m just staring down right now, my toes curling around the edge.  Do I go for it?  Oh, hell yeah!  I’m not losing my chance for Paradise.  I just have to suck up enough courage to take that first leap.  I’m nervous like crazy, but I’m still smiling, super excited. 

So, no resolutions this year, but I have high hopes for 2013. 

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