And So It Begins…For Real!

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I’m typing this from Bangkok, Thailand!   We’re staying at a place I found on Airbnb, a guesthouse in Bangkok off one of the side-streets.  Our host, Evan, seems nice, the little we’ve spoken to him.  He owns two beautiful green parrots and three squirrels, one of whom licked my finger with a scratchy tongue and then proceeded to attempt biting me.  After getting lost a bit on the way and struggling with our luggage over some rough (non-existent) sidewalks, it was relief to fall over onto the wide bed and sleep the rest of the day & most of the night away under the blessed A/C.  So far, all we’ve done is eat & sleep, but, then again, isn’t that the point of a vacation?

We’re off to explore on our first full day in Bangkok!

Pictures and more details to come soon!  Maybe even a video!  Also, check out Rick’s blog here, for his perspective on our trip.

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