Counting Down the Craziness

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It’s one day before we leave and I’m a mass of contradictions.  I’m excited and scared, ready and not, yearning towards the unknown and bracing myself to miss the familiarity of everyday life. My stomach feels like it’s filled with the hot churning air of anticipation.  That’s what always kills me: the anticipation. 

I haven’t posted in a while because the last couple weeks have been insanity in-between packing, moving-out, vaccinations, and the last-minute things that always pop up in any endeavor this large.  Hopefully, I’ll have time on the long flight to Bangkok in order to get this blog up-to-date with various happenings. 

Also, Rick, my awesome husband, will be posting on his own blog.  I’ll post up the web address once he gets things to his liking.  Stay tuned!  Lots coming in the next year. 

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