The Truth About Procrastination

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I know you’re all waiting breathlessly for my upcoming posts (*insert self-deprecating laugh*).  And I do have 15+ half-written posts in the queue.

But, I’ve realized something the last couple days.  As much as I enjoy writing this blog and sharing our wonderful travels with you, sometimes trying to get out blog posts on time can get to be sort of a chore.  Most blog posts take approximately 2-3 hours to prepare from beginning to end.  It could probably take less time if I were less of a perfectionist, but that’s something I’m working on (self-improvement also takes a rather long time).  I don’t want to lose that joy I have in crafting these blog posts.  I write and photograph because I truly love to do these things and I’d hate for that love to become tarnished by rote.  I’d hate for the blog posts you spend your time reading to be something I didn’t spend quality time on myself. 

Besides our traveling, I do spend a lot of time working on other ongoing personal projects.  It’s the curse of someone with too many interests/hobbies and too little time/energy.  My mom said I should pare my interests down a bit but I haven’t yet succeeded because, well, everything is just so interesting.  However, I’m having a bit of a work/life balance issue (yes, this seems to be a recurring theme in my life) which is rather hilarious because I don’t work.  Well, I work, but for fun and for free (so far…)  So if I’m to have any semblance of rest & vacation on this trip, I need to release my death-grip on my 30-item to-do list, and relax a bit. 

Anyways, this post is a long convoluted apology if blog posts start coming even slower than they already are and I end up even further behind.  I get so irritated when other blogs constantly apologize for long delays, but here I am doing the exact same thing.  I promise I won’t bombard you with apologies.  If you ever get impatient with me, please refer back to this post, because my reasons will probably be the same for the rest of our trip.

Stay tuned though. Those 15+ blog posts will appear eventually.

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