We’re Back!

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All right. You can’t see me, but I’m hanging my head. I haven’t updated in a long time, even with all your support and encouragement. So long, in fact, that we’ve actually returned all the way home! Don’t despair (if you are), because I’ve settled back into our life here which gives me a little more time to organize my thoughts (and pictures!). I do want to resume posting, more for myself as a way to capture these fleeting memories before time takes its toll. So, I’ll still be making my way slowly through our trip, albeit in a more contemplative rather than immediate sense. Also, I’d like to open up this website as more of a general travel site with a focus on young married couples with an interest in offbeat topics (so, essentially, the type of people we are now). Thanks so much for your patience, my few loyal readers. I hope you’ll keep hanging around while I get everything a bit more organized.

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